Weekend Recap + What’s on the Horizon

Hey loves! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Today I am bringing a quick weekend recap to you as well as some very exciting news. So let’s get to chatting!

The Recap

Okay so let’s all face it, sometimes we need to do a whole lot of nothing. And, that’s exactly what I did Saturday. As many of you know, I have been battling some health issues for awhile. Things are most certainly on the up and up which I give many thanks for the prayers that have been sent up for that. However, last Sunday night, Shay threw his back out. Needless to say, in the words of a close friend, “ya’ll can’t catch a break!” And goodness that’s definitely been the case. With that said, Saturday we totally vegged out. I spent most of my time watching Grey’s Anatomy. I actually was a loyal fan for many years and then just lost interest. Well, I decided to pick it back up. I am nearing the end of season eight, don’t judge! After getting some much needed R&R, we finally decided to venture out on Sunday afternoon. We ate at one of our local favorites, Ru Ru’s Tacos, which I will be sharing my review with you all soon. It’s a must in my book when it comes to Mexican. We then took a stroll through the mall and I picked up a new pair of Tory Burch shoes. Don’t worry, I will be sharing those soon as well. You’re gonna fall head over heels for them…pun intended!

Weekend Style

I don’t know about you, but during winter months, I especially want to be comfy and cozy on the weekends. My favorite way to pull that type of look together is with an oversized sweater, leggings and boots! Ya’ll, I am not going to lie that I literally live in Spanx leggings on the weekends. I am not ashamed to say that I currently own three in my wardrobe which speaks to the extent of my love for them. They are flattering, comfortable and chic. I have dressed them up as well as down. No matter, how or where, I am always receiving compliments on them. You can also see here where I have shared some of the other styles by Spanx. These wedge booties are a first for me. They caught my eye one day while scrolling online and had me at hello. Let me say, the feel like buttah…aka butter against my feet. I am now hooked on wedge booties!

What’s on the Way!

In just one week a new fresh site is coming your way and I could not be more thrilled about sharing it with you all. There’s just so much more in store that I will be bringing to you all through this new site. Not only will there be a new look, but new features, menus, content and more! The best is truly yet to come! Have a fabulous week friends! pc William Avery Photography