5 Ways to Look and Feel Better

Hello friends and welcome! If you are reading this post I want you to know first and foremost that I am so happy that you are here. Secondly, I hope that I can share at least one little nugget of inspiration with you. Please take a moment and let me know in the comments what helped or inspired you. In return, there is a fun giveaway to enter below as well!

elevated look with romper, sandals and clutch

Drink Water

I know you have heard it a million times but it’s true. It literally is one of the most simple daily task that you must do for optimal health, wellness and that glow that us ladies so desire. Your body naturally detoxes overnight, thank goodness. But, with that said, your organs are thirsty when you wake. I love my coffee as much as anyone but we must drink water first. Your body will move easier, your mind will be more alert and your skin will show it! If you don’t like plain water which I get, make it more fun. Find a fun water bottle and add some fresh squeezed juice, fresh fruit or vitality essential oils. Water doesn’t have to be boring!

Get Sleep

Some can function with anywhere between six to eight hours. You have to find what works for you. But for goodness sakes, get sleep and don’t cut yourself short. You can slather all of the beauty products on that you want but if you deprive yourself of sleep, your body will start to feel it and show it.

Put yourself in the mindset for the best sleep possible. Read a book(put down the phone and stop scrolling endlessly on instagram, yes guilty too), utilize a diffuser(life changing and more to come on this) and turn off your mind. If you find yourself anxious and can’t fall asleep, get up and make a list of what is on your mind. Read more until your body is prepared for sleep. At all costs, don’t turn on electronic devices. This will send the wrong message. Trust me, preaching to the choir here and I am still a work in progress on this one!


Seriously, this is probably one of the most overcomplicated daily tasks that we should all be doing. Don’t overthink it just do it. We can all make excuses. No gym, it’s raining, no time, don’t feel like it blah, blah blah. I have said those same excuses to myself far too many times. Set a timer and simply start stretching. Go to the mall and walk laps. Walk outside on a beautiful day or ride a bike. No bike, go old school and do some jumping jacks. For those like myself who need to be pushed, try out a local CycleBar or RockBox Fitness. They will get you moving very quickly!

Take a Vacation

Yes, it’s important and yes you should make time for it. For so many years, I felt guilty if I took time off of work to take a vacation. Listen, work will be there when you get back. No job is worth losing your sanity, health or wellness over. And, hear me loud and clear, you don’t work to deserve a vacation!! You should rest well so that you can work well. Did you hear me on that one? Society has literally programmed us to think of that in reverse. Time to change it! My husband Shay and I have made a point to take a vacation every year together since we have been married. What a blessing that has been! Last year was unfortunately derailed, but we made up for it by heading to Excellence Playa Mujeres recently. I will be sharing more on that soon!

Elevate Your Look

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of tossing on sweats or just a t-shirt. Good ole 2020 became an enabler for those dressed way down looks. I have been in that same boat. I am all here for athleisure looks and how they too can be elevated. However, dressing up literally changes how you feel about yourself and how you present yourself to others.

When you take the time to elevate your look, there is also a feeling of accomplishment and it shows. This doesn’t have to be challenging. Take a simple romper such as this one by Marissa Webb. The quality is outstanding and it’s an easy piece to elevate quickly! I tossed on heels, grabbed a wallet for a clutch, layered with some simple jewelry and DONE. I felt like a million bucks and had so much fun wearing this to dinner while on vacation. The best part about this romper is that it can also be paired with some sneakers, a crossbody bag and still look elevated. Make styling fun again and don’t overthink it! Just feel and look your best!

elevated style with romper, sandals and clutch

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Have a wonderful week friends!

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