Charlotte North Carolina

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Nestled between the sweet mountain air of the Appalachian mountains and the salty waves of the North Carolina coast, is a vibrant city called Charlotte North Carolina.  It’s got the buzz of any city with the hustle and bustle from that daily nine to five.  Yet, is also filled with adventure and amazing cuisine.  Alongside gorgeous skyscrapers, are quaint streets of southern charm tucked away in some of the most sought after neighborhoods.  Here you’ll find not only a wonderful place to live, but also a place to add to your lists of destinations.

Becoming Home

While growing up in the Foothills of North Carolina, I knew of Charlotte as that big city that we passed through on the way to family vacations.  It was also the place where I was taken to my first NBA game and countless summer trips to the amusement park.  Little did I anticipate that this was a place at some point I’d call home.

After my husband made a career change from the military as mentioned here, our desire became to relocate closer to our home towns.  We wanted a place for growth and opportunity.  We’ve now been settled here since 2007 and created countless memories and experiences.  There is so much to offer about this wonderful city and I’m going to be sharing it all with you!  Let the adventures begin!

Things to do

Charlotte as mentioned has so much to offer.  From a four hundred acre amusement park called Carowinds that’s complete with exhilarating roller coaster rides and a water park, to home of the Charlotte Hornets and Carolina Panthers!  Not to mention countless top artist who visit this lovely city year after year.  And, not for this fashion blogger to leave out, SHOPPING.  SouthPark Mall has all a gal could want from Louis Vuitton, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Gap, Banana Republic to Lulu Lemon.  Oh and one of my top new faves Tommy John!  Speaks my language for simple chic lounge and underwear.  In addition, Charlotte provides excellent boutiques such as The Pink Hanger, Monkee’s, as well as Scout and Molly’s.  Those are just a few of my faves!

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