Making Time to Disconnect + Tips for Rejuvenation

beach trip with making time to disconnect

In a world that feels utterly chaotic, making time to disconnect is vitally important. It is so ridiculously easy to get sucked into media of any kind and go down a rabbit hole. I have been so guilty of it myself. But, I am starting to reevaluate what I feed my mind and my soul with. It is perfectly okay as well as it is important to stay connected and informed. However, spending countless hours or even minutes of your life on anything that doesn’t put a smile on your face, doesn’t lift you up, bless your mind, body or spirit simply isn’t worth it. It truly serves no purpose. We have one life and it’s meant to be lived well. Stop wasting precious time and energy on what you can’t control.

Leave The Phone Behind

Last week Shay and I were fortunate to take our annual beach trip with family. Our plans were a little different due to the hurricane that hit Oak Island and obviously included what is now a fragrant salty sea mask. I am kidding, we used the disposable kind. Anyway, we had to pivot last minute to Holden Beach, but still took in some of the local Oak Island and Southport favorites. I’ll include some of those below.

While I did take some pics here and there, I made a point to often leave my phone behind or in my pocket. We hit the beach daily and I literally only took it down once to snap a couple of bird pics! I did post my Youtube video that was created prior to leaving. If you are new to hearing about my Youtube channel, I would sincerely appreciate you subscribing. More to come on that in future posts! But overall, it was simply more important to take a break from posting or scrolling through social media.

the beach is a perfect time to disconnect
by the beach
by the sea for rejuvenation

Having no phone was an incredible feeling. I was in the moment, soaking up memories, not drowning in the noise that the world can create. The sounds of waves crashing, seagulls going “ah ah” as my niece would say, and the endless laughter from family were easily heard. I collected countless seashells. And, on the first day as I simply began to tip my toes in the water, looked down and found a shark’s tooth! Those moments are priceless and will forever be cherished. How often do you miss being in the moment? When is the last time you heard birds chirping or even the wind brushing through the trees? When is the last time you took to truly disconnect from it all?

Make the Time to Disconnect

Even if you can’t get away right now, find the time to head to a park, go for a hike or even a picnic and challenge yourself to leave the phone behind or for safety, simply just store it away in your bag. Leave the phone on vibrate at least for that amount of time to truly enjoy the activity and those around you. Your mind will be so much more at ease and your body refreshed. I feel mentally and physically lighter from taking the time to disconnect. I have slept harder the last few nights than I have slept in months.

Be A Kid

In the words of the great Ham Porter from The Sandlot, “You’re Killin Me Smalls.” Life is way too short to not have the S’more or in my case be a kid in a candy store. Sometimes you need simply need to let go and not take things so seriously. Be weird, be silly, be a kid. Yes, I flossed and brushed after all the sugar lol. But oh what fun to find some sweet treats that put a smile on my face. Go have a S’more or buy your favorite candy bar. It’s okay to live a little!

fun in a candy store

Keep It Simple

Don’t get me wrong, you all know I love dressing to the nines at times as noted here and here. I adore my handbags and shoes. A good friend once said to me, “Heather you are so Boujee.” Initially, I thought that was a bad thing and it totally isn’t. In fact, call me that all you want, I’ll claim it. It’s so exciting to look and feel glamorous. As I have shared before, it definitely changes your perspective when you take the time to look your best. However, it’s also comforting to find joy in simplicity.

Most days, I didn’t wear makeup. And, when I did, it was minimal. A tee, denim shorts and the most incredibly comfortable Olukai flip flops {by the way, you need these in your life, your feet will thank me later} were my outfit of the day most days. Those flip flops are seriously worth every single cent and are perfect for beach trips! Keeping it simple took the pressure off and allowed me to truly unwind. Take a day each week, or at least once or twice a month to give this a try. It’s also okay to run to the store without your face on also!

simplicity for rejuvenation

Be in the Moment

More than just taking time to disconnect, I challenge you to truly BE in the moment. My brother and I had a recent discussion around this and he phrased it best. “Whether bad or good, BE present in that moment. Don’t trade one moment for another, even if it’s bad. There is so much to learn and take from every situation in life. Once that moment passes, you can’t get it back. Life becomes far more beautiful once that is realized. Stay safe, stay well, stay in the moment my friends.

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