How To Style a Summer Blazer

summer blazer styled with shorts
White Summer Blazer + Poppy Red Shorts

While the temps are heating up, so should your style! Summer is definitely a time to layer with different fabrics and colors. However, that doesn’t mean your style shouldn’t carry the same level of sophistication as it does throughout the rest of the year. Today, I am sharing how to style a summer blazer to keep your style in check. I also have a great giveaway for you so keep reading!

summer blazer styled with shorts, oversized sunglasses and statement bag

What is a Summer Blazer?

Simply put, the material is more light weight. A summer blazer can be more relaxed in style consisting of ruched sleeves and possibly a single-button closure. Opt for one that has structure with room to move as well for a more comfortable wear with warmer temperatures.

summer blazer styled with shorts

Summer Blazer with Shorts

Select a blazer that hits slightly below the waist to elongate your torso. Pair it with shorts, heels and a luxury statement bag for a dinner date on a warm summer evening. This look is sophisticated with the structure of the blazer yet so chic with shorts. It’s the perfect date night attire or just a fun night out.

summer blazer styled with denim
Black Blazer + Denim

Summer Blazer with Denim

You simply can not go wrong with a blazer and denim. They are effortlessly chic in my book. Pair with heels, a statement bag and oversized sunglasses for many functions. From showers, client meetings, to brunch, you will have an elevated look in minutes.

By the way, this pair of denim jeans is my new favorite. I took a chance on them and I am so glad I did. They fit so well and with the right shoe, really give length to the figure!

summer blazer styled with denim, heels and sunglasses

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