How To Live Your Best Life Now

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You are your biggest and most important investment that you will ever make. Your health and wellness are in your hands. It is completely up to you with what you decide to do with them. You ultimately get to decide how to live your best life now.

The Relationship with Food

There was a time in my life when I perceived being 112 pounds and eating low fat as healthy. That was the norm for what was being taught, shared and what we “thought” was good for us. The numbers on the scale may have been low as I am sure was my BMI. However, there is so much more to health and wellness than just those numbers. What we purposefully eat is just as, if not more, important than what we avoid.

Over the last year, I began to really look at food differently. I’ve always been conscious about what I eat. However, I eat with greater intention. I am not perfect and I am still on the this journey to understanding how it is so important to vary what we eat and to truly think beyond the fork. Food is medicine. Food matters. Food makes a difference.


So much of how we cope through life, both it’s highs and low begins with our mind. I do not have it all together. Anyone who says or appears to do so is lying friend. Yet in the midst of what seems to be one of the most chaotic times in our lives, I am overwhelming calm. I have more peace than I have ever had in my life. This is coming from someone who has struggled immensely with self-doubt, depression and anxiety. I used to let fear and worry dominate my thinking. I still have my moments, but I quickly shut them out when they come. Those times are few and much farther apart.

Fear is a liar. Worry destroys today’s gifts and depression can silently kill. You must find a way to heal and shut out whatever it is that’s causing those enemies to wreck your life. Once you do, your entire world will change. You will see things in a whole new light. The best version of you will begin to emerge.

Healing and Where to Begin

Every person is uniquely different in what works for them. I don’t believe in magic pills, lose it quick shakes or fairy dust. There is no one size fits all approach. Healing doesn’t happen overnight. Small incremental changes can and will add up to make a major difference over time. For me, I began to make changes last year that I believe have made significant impacts in my life. And honestly, I feel like I am just getting started for what is to come.

Whole Foods

Limit processed foods. More often that not, if it’s in a box or a bag, and has numerous ingredients listed, it’s going to cause more harm than good. When in doubt, just leave it out. Focus rather on the outer perimeter of the grocery store. Eat foods that will fuel your body not slow it down and likely cause inflammation. Focus on eating the rainbow. Begin to incorporate a daily smoothie into your routine. Make this smoothie at home with your favorite fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and a protein source. A healthy smoothie can easily help to heal your gut, fight inflammation and provide the right nutrients your body needs to glow from the inside out.

Chiropractic Care

Seeing a chiropractor regularly has drastically reduced my pain issues but has also impacted other areas that I didn’t even expect. I do not take ibuprofen as I once did which was almost daily and upwards of four pills at a time. Additionally, regular adjustments have aided in better sleep, mental clarity and reduced allergy flare ups. Everything is connected to your spine and it’s truly amazing how many benefits can come from chiropractic treatment.

Using Essential Oils

Prior to incorporating oils into my life a year ago, I had been curious about them for quite some time. I did a great deal of research before making the decision to utilize them. What I found was that when selecting high quality oils and using them properly, they can provide a multitude of benefits. They have most definitely helped to control my emotions which certainly effects other parts of the body. But, there is far more to what they can truly do. I can whole heartedly tell you that they have played a significant role in discontinuing daily allergy medication, including an inhaler for asthma flare ups, aiding in better sleep, and healing my gut. The list goes on and so do the benefits as I continue to learn and utilize them more.

Being Selective

Take a close look at what and who you surround yourself with daily, This doesn’t necessarily just relate to physical people around you. What you chose to watch, read and who you chose to listen to make up what surrounds you. You will most likely resemble that which you continuously feed your heart and mind. What surrounds you, influences you. This happens whether you realize it or not. Be mindful and intentional about who and where you spend your time. Turn off or tune out what is causing stress, anxiety or fear. Choose motivational or educational podcasts rather than listening to the breaking news that is literally designed to break you. Stop wasting time on anything that no longer serves you. You are worth more than that friend.

Investment Living

My purpose is to provide insight and equip you with what I believe is truly worth the investment. From handbags, shoes, beauty, trips to health and wellness. Life itself it truly a luxury. It’s our choice for how we truly want to live our best life. My goal is to share with you what I believe can help you look your best but also truly feel your best. You are in fact your best investment. Invest well friend.