National Hat Day + Winter Style

Luxury winter style

National Hat day, it’s really a thing. For me, I don’t currently have a large collection of hats. However, I do have an obsession with beanies for winter. They are cozy, chic and the perfect accessory for a snowy wintry look.

Beanie Styles

There are a few varieties when it comes to beanies. They range from fitted, slouchy, cuffed, to detailed pompoms. My current personal favorites are the knitted fox fur pompom beanies by Kyi Kyi as well as the cashmere beanies by White + Warren. Each truly give a unique sense of luxury that pull a winter look together. When possible, I recommend selecting one that is fleece lined or true cashmere so that it truly provides the warmth needed during colder months.

Winter Sweaters

A winter sweater must be cozy, soft, luxurious and non-itchy. I swear I honestly believe the more time passes, the more sensitive I have grown to wool. I just can’t buy just any grade of wool, which by the way is a wide range that retailers use. Therefore, I tend to invest in quality cashmere sweaters that provide that luxurious look and feel. I carefully select those that will last beyond one season as well. However, for daily and weekly wear I will often purchase sweaters knowing that they may only make it through the current season. As long as they are comfortable, it makes sense if they are going to get a lot of wear and need replacing the following season.


From running errands, to the gym or full on glam with heels, leggings can be your perfect match. Just to note, all leggings are not created equal and do serve different purposes. For me, I have several styles and brands that have lasted for years and as you can see here and here that they are a staple for winter looks.


These boots are made for walking, or at least they should be. I simply adore boots. From classic to a bit edgy, they are simply fun to work with when creating a winter look. When selecting any boot, comfort should always come first. If they hurt, forget it. That criteria means you need to certainly select quality of quantity. I would rather have a select few that are made to last for many years to come, which includes being able to walk in them versus a closet full that simply sit on the shelf.