Date Night + All Glammed Up

tunic sweater with leggings for date night

If you have followed me for awhile, it’s no secret that I have an adoration for leggings.  They are the perfect mate to a casual tee or sweatshirt, as well as for a tunic sweater providing the ultimate glammed up look.  Today I am sharing how to create a polished look for any date night.

Tunic Sweater

First off, the sweater has to be soft, am I right or am I right?  Nothing irritates me more than an itchy sweater.  If it itches me, even the slightest bit, it’s just not worth it.  To avoid this, especially when ordering online, make sure to look at the details and the materials used to make it.  If it’s primarily wool, it’s most definitely going to itch.  I honestly stay away from wool with the exception of high quality cashmere.  As my nana would always say, “Champagne taste on a beer budget.”  But, in this case, I have to have the champagne!  A go-to favorite for cozy and chic sweaters would be Kerisma.  Their sweaters are incredible soft, simple and stylish.  I love the fact that they vary their sleeve lengths and styles such as this one here with batwing sleeves.  This provides a bit of modern flare rather than just your basic tunic.  I am also more on the petite side so this sweater is the perfect length to cover my backside yet doesn’t swallow me hole.

tunic sweater with leggings

tunic sweater with leggings

tunic sweater with leggings


Let me tell you about my best friend…Spanx leggings.  In all seriousness, they are the absolute best leggings in my book for now.  For years, it’s been debated that leggings aren’t pants.  Okay, so they aren’t, they are leggings.  And guess what, it’s okay to wear them.  Now, that doesn’t mean you should prance yourself around in them at work showing off your John Brown hind parts, thank you Coach Boone from Remember the Titans for that lovely reference.  But, that’s the truth, no one wants to see your bum in the workplace.  And, if your workplace will allow leggings, the only appropriate way is to layer a long tunic over them.  Most of the time, I am wearing a tunic with leggings as it creates that polished, glammed up look for date night occasions.  If my backside isn’t covered, it’s definitely for a more casual setting or running errands.  I am ridiculously obsessed with Spanx and let me tell you why.  They accentuate my curves and help to create a longer leaner look.  I always feel like a million bucks when I put them on.  I have three pairs, one of which has been washed and worn repeatedly for the last year and a half.  Yes, I just said year and a half.  Now please keep in mind, I wash my clothes on the delicate cycle and hang items like my faux leather legging on a drying rack.

tunic sweater with leggings

tunic sweater with leggings


“Chase your dreams, in high heels of course.”  Not certain who said that quote, but they must be referring to comfortable heels!  It’s not an everyday occurrence for me to wear heels.  To be quite honest, it’s the polar opposite.  However, when Shay and I go out for a date night, and I aiming for that glammed up look, I love tossing on some heels to complete my ensemble.  My current favorites are by Sam Edelman because they provide just the right amount of height and do not kill my feet.  If the heels aren’t comfy, they are not going on my feet!  I also love the price point for Sam Edelman, great quality at an affordable price.


Now when it comes to handbags, this is where I splurge.  My collection of handbags is an investment for me.  Ranging from bags I have saved for, to those of gifts by my husband, I place handbags first for where I will spend the most money.  However, you don’t have to go that route as with today’s selection, there are certainly more affordable options if you choose to not invest your money in that direction.  I say to each their own and chose what makes you happy!

I have linked exact as well as similar items below.  I hope this inspires your next glammed up look for date night.  Have a fabulous weekend loves!

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