Laura Mercier Repair Skincare Collection

Laura Mercier Repair Skincare Collection
Laura Mercier Repair Skincare Collection
Laura Mercier Repair Skincare Collection
Laura Mercier Repair Skincare Collection
The Laura Mercier Repair Skincare collection has now become part of my everyday regimen. She is a staple in my line-up for makeup and has been for years. Why? I have ridiculously sensitive facial skin that either turns red as a beet, or breaks out on a dime! I tend to use many of her products due to those reasons.

While I have used her makeup for quite some time, I had never taken the plunge to try her skincare line. Mostly out of fear of what I mentioned above. Makeup is one thing, skincare is an entirely different ballgame, at least for me.

I decided to attend an event recently to test out some of her new colors. It just so happened that the artist I was paired with, was a Laura Mercier skincare guru! He immediately pointed me to the Laura Mercier Repair Skincare Collection.

The convincing paid off and I took the plunge. His words were in fact, “If this doesn’t work, I’ll eat crow!” It doesn’t look like he is going to be eating bird anytime soon, well not that kind anyway!

I am using the Repair Serum, Repair Cream, Repair Eye Serum, as well as the Repair Eye Cream. In my opinion, while they each have separate features and benefits, they work extremely well together as a system.

The Repair Serum:
Targets lines and wrinkles and smooths out the complexion. What I love is that it is derived of a blend of natural botanicals and proteins. It is extremely light weight in texture and absorbs quickly into the skin. It penetrates and goes several layers deep.

The Repair Creme:
Like the serum, the repair creme works to smooth the skin while targeting lines and wrinkles. What sets it apart is the fact that is contains peptide, which is an anti-aging ingredient used to firm up the skin. This is what I layer on after applying the serum. The texture feels amazing, like a whipped consistency. I am oily in my t-zone so I use this for my night-time routine. During the winter, I could see using this during the day as well.

The Repair Eye Serum:
This eye serum has multiple benefits. For starters, it targets lines and wrinkles, which less face it, we all want to fight those! It also firms and brightens the skin through the use of Arnica extra and Caffeine. The texture is light weight and very smooth.

The Repair Eye Cream:
Similarly to the eye serum, it combats fine lines, wrinkles and firms the area. Like the Repair Creme, it contains peptides, for plumping the skin. Additionally, the creme provides ample hydration for the eye area. It is layered on top of the eye serum.

Now, the big question, have I noticed a difference in my skin? YES!! Not only have I noticed, but I have received compliments on my skin while out and about. I have been using the products for about a month or so now. I can only imagine what it will look like with continued use. My skin feels very smooth and soft. My makeup also goes on much easier as well.

As with any skincare line, it takes time. Changes will not be noticed in a couple of days. The typical advice is at least two weeks. With my experience, I agree with that estimate.

The search for great skincare, especially with having my sensitivities, is always at the top of my list. For now, the Laura Mercier Repair Skincare Collection is definitely a winner!