Holiday Gift Guide for Him

The North Face Fleece Hoodie, The North Face Beanie, Sonos Play 1 Speaker, Ipod Shuffle, Givenchy Play Toilette Spray, Swiss Gear Backpack

On the first day of Christmas, your shopping cart is empty and you have no idea what you’re going to do! Have you ever been there, trying to find that perfect gift for him? Are you there now? Fearing you could be that person, in that line, on December 24th? Certainly not, especially with this little holiday gift guide for him. Sharing my recommendations below that will hopefully help you with your search.

The North Face Sweater Fleece Hoodie – Perfect outerwear for that guy in your life. The North Face provides excellent quality. The pieces that we currently have are several years old. Each one showing absolutely no signs of wear. Not only that, their products do exactly what they say they will do. If it’s to repel rain or block wind, trust that is precisely what it is going to do! This one is fab simply for its relaxed fit, softness and warmth. What man doesn’t want that!

Swiss Gear Backpack – The most amazing backpack for travel. Shay has one and literally uses it all the time for work and travel. The spaciousness is just the right size for your laptop, snacks, books etc. Moreover the durability of this bag is top-notch! Lastly, makes a perfect carry-on for flying!

Givenchy Play Toilette Spray – What girl doesn’t want her man to smell nice? Yet, sometimes, that special guy doesn’t like cologne that is so overpowering. Look no further, here is your winner. Luckily, I stumbled upon this toilette spray several years ago and it is a staple for my hubby. The scent is wonderful and light. I would clarify it as fresh with a hint of warmth. I don’t think you or your guy will be disappointed!

Ipod Shuffle – For the guy who wants that simple and small tech device to play his tunes while he shreds it on the road or in the gym. It weighs nothing and barely takes up any arm space at all.

Sonos Play 1 Speaker – Okay, I must say, that even though I am recommending this for him, I secretly want this for myself! This little speaker will literally blow your socks off…yes right off! Hah! All joking aside, the quality and clarity of this little gadget is impeccable. I recently went to check it out for myself in Target. The store associate may or may not have asked me to turn it down while I was giving it a test drive!

The North Face Beanie – Keeping warm in the winter starts from the top down! The North Face rises to its standards again even with this little beanie. Providing comfort and all the warmth needed for your man.

My hope is this holiday gift guide for him will give you the right inspiration for the man in your life. In my opinion, he will be elated with any of these items. Good luck and happy shopping!