Beauty Favorites For That Flawless Face

beauty favorites to create the flawless face


I am a firm believer in quality beauty products to create the flawless face look.  Given that I also have sensitive skin, I have to be extremely picky when selecting and using beauty products.  Today, I am sharing my foundational favorites that I simply can’t live without.


Last year, I was introduced to what is now one of my hands down favorite brands, Hourglass.  Thanks be to my favorite beauty expert at my local Blue Mercury, I have found my holy grail of products for creating the flawless face.  For starters, I have sensitive skin which can turn red or break out at the drop of a hat.  I have to be particularly careful when it comes to products that I am putting on my face.  That definitely begins with proper skincare, which I will share an update soon on what I am currently using.  Once my face is prepped, the next item going on is my primer.  I’ve tried and tested a few over the years and as soon as I put this one on, I was hooked.

For starters, this primer helps to calm and conceal redness.  It’s also smooth upon application, creating a silky feel and absolutely will not pill or ball up.  I’ve experienced that with other primers which is beyond annoying.  Additionally, it helps to minimize pores, softens your complexion and it repels water.  These attributes make the perfect canvas for foundation and helps everything stay in place all day!  And, as an added bonus, it contains SPF 15.

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

This primer by Hourglass calms redness, softens lines and minimizes pores all while creating a silky soft palette for foundation.  Along with repelling water, it also contains SPF 15 providing full day wear and protection.

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Along with primer, Hourglass makes an impeccable foundation.  I prefer their Vanish Seamless Foundation Stick.  It provides full coverage without feeling heavy.  For me, it truly tones down any redness and helps to hide imperfections.  Additionally, it’s waterproof and very long-wearing.  One of my most favorite features is the fact that it’s a stick, which gives you full control over the application and allows you to build to your liking.  It’s sleek design will also cut down on wasting or losing any of the foundation.  It’s a true win win!

flawless face foundation, concealer and powder


This creamy concealer is wonderfully smooth and light, yet also works it’s magic to cover dark circles.  I love that it has a matte finish yet provides a very natural look.  I also love this concealer for the fact that it is non-cakey and doesn’t find itself settling into pores or lines.  Another major plus is that it contains Vitamins A, C and E.  What isn’t to love about that!

Nars Soft Matte Concealer

A smooth creamy concealer that’s perfect for hiding dark circles and imperfections without creasing.

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Setting Powder

In terms of a setting powder, I want it to do just that, set, not change color or look caked on.  The hourglass veil translucent powder completely fits that bill.  I simply dust on and let the magic happen.  This powder not only sets, but it helps to blur lines and pores.  It’s also long wearing which helps to control my shine that I often get throughout the day.

Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder

My all time favorite setting powder.  Completely sets your foundation without causing color change or looking cakey.  So light and airy while blurring fine lines.  Perfect for creating that flawless look.

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When I do need to touch up during the day, hourglass again comes to my rescue.  I simply carry hourglass ambient lighting powder in dim light for touch-ups.  Again, I simply dust this lightly, mostly in my t-zone as needed.  The talc free formula creates a smooth, luminous look while also helping to blur imperfections.

Hourglass Ambient Lightning Powder

The best travel and everyday companion for touch-ups.  Works well to blur imperfections and diffuse harsh light.  Creates a smooth complexion for that flawless face.

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Flawless face essentials from hourglass and nars cosmetics

Flawless face essentials from nars and hourglass cosmetics

Face Color

Once I have my face set with concealer, foundation and powder, it’s now time for some fun with warmth and color.  My go to bronzer is this one by Nars.  I honestly believe this bronzer would work well on anyone.  You can certainly play up the intensity or gently sweep across where you want the warmth to be.  I use the three method to start.  On each side, I begin in the temple area and sweep a three down to the edges of my cheeks and finally my outer jaw area.  I typically then add a bit more to my cheek area and also to my forehead.

Following bronzer, I toss on some blush.  I am linking my two Nars favorites here and here as well.  Both are completely different depending on what look I am aiming for.  One is more peachy and the other more pink.  I have pink naturally in my cheeks which has been toned down at this point and both of these colors work so well with my skin tone.

I love exploring beauty products and I also love sticking to a great regimen when I find what works.  There’s definitely more in store for sharing my favorites and why I recommend them.  Would love to hear what your favorites are and if you try any of the recommendations!  Have a wonderful week loves!