25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Hey ya’ll! It’s been awhile and I am so glad to be back to blogging. I took some time to update the blog with a fresh new look and some new features. I could not be more happy with the design by Lindsey Humes. Her work is impeccable and I am so thankful that Louella Reese referred her to me. My hope is that you all enjoy the layout as much as I do.

I am super excited to share the new blog with you today as well as a fun post. I am sure you can tell certain things about me from Instagram and the blog, however, there are several things you don’t know about me that I thought would be neat to share. Hope you enjoy it!

J.Crew Factory ruffle-shoulder sweater, Clare V Leopard Clutch, Brixton Fiddler Cap

1. I am OBSESSED with dark chocolate…no seriously.
2. I learned to ski in Albuquerque, NM{where I lived for three years from 2002 to 2005} and haven’t been skiing since.
3. I have a freckle in my left eye.
4. I was born with a deformed right collar-bone.
5. Shay and I married in 2000 and we’ve moved 10 times. He was in the Air Force which resulted in most of those moves.
6. I sang at my high school graduation, my own wedding{as well as many others} in addition to various other events in my life. Yet, it still makes me a nervous wreck prior to getting on stage.
7. I love coffee and sweet tea.
8. My nail and toe nail polish must match.
9. I absolutely love going to the movies with Shay, probably my favorite date night.
10. I tried golfing once, went to a driving range for practice and hit a prairie dog. Needless to say, I don’t golf anymore.
11. I have had five tickets in my life, four of which were for speeding.
12. Speaking of movies, I practically love any super hero movie.
13. I am fascinated by sharks. Seeing a great white is certainly on my bucket list, but from a very, very large boat. Oh and I love JAWS.
14. My all time FAVORITE show is Friends. “How you doin’?”
15. I absolutely love watching football, basketball and baseball. But mercy, I have no skills when it comes to sports.
16. I enjoy various types of music and my playlist is quite diverse.
17. I could literally eat shrimp, lobster or crab about everyday.
18. Totally NOT a morning person.
19. Put me on a beach and I am one of the happiest people in the world.
20. I have taken 8 cruises.
21. I love the change in seasons. However, I am not a huge fan of winter. Once it gets crazy cold, I am DONE!
22. I once had bleached, bleached blonde hair.
23. I have this thing about germs and while I have lightened up somewhat there are certain things I won’t stop doing. For example, I wipe my phone down every day and we do not wear shoes in our home. I sleep better at night and that’s what matters!
24. I won a free cruise by playing bingo on a cruise ship. I also had a feeling I was going to win when I went in the door.
25. I love to travel but there’s no place I’d rather be than home.