Sugar Bakeshop

Sugar, David Yurman
Happy Friday! How “Sweet” is that! Sheesh, I don’t know if it is because the weather is changing, or that it’s getting darker earlier, but I am just beat these days! When I get home, I seriously just want to crash! Now, work has been extremely busy mind you{which isn’t out of the ordinary}. Yet, when you mix that with what I mentioned above, I think that’s enough to just knock me out.

So onto a little more “sweet talking.” Most recently, Shay and I took a weekend trip down to our home away from home, Charleston, SC. Now, why do I say home away from home? It’s quite simple; the hubby went to The Citadel, which I am sure to feature on a future post. Then, his first assignment in the Air Force, was at the base in Charleston. We have so many favorites that we always go back to when visiting. However, Charleston has imploded lately with more restaurants and unique stores. With that being said, we chose to focus this trip on places that were new to us. Funny enough, Sugar Bakeshop isn’t actually new. In fact, Sugar has been in Charleston for over 9 years. Say what!??? Where in the world has this utter deliciousness been all my life? I have no clue how I have missed this place.
Sugar, Charleston, SC
Sugar BakeshopSugar BakeshopSugar BakeshopSugar Bakeshop

Sugar Bakeshop is in a small, quaint building off of Cannon Street. It has the most adorable store front, so picturesque, as if it were from a movie.

The aroma of fresh-baked goods will greet you as soon as you open the door. The most impeccable part about Sugar is that they use fresh, local ingredients. They offer a wide variety of cupcakes, tarts, cookies, cakes and pies. Being a lover of cupcakes, I selected to create a variety box that I could bring home. One is never enough, right? I chose, red velvet, pumpkin, coconut and honey chocolate. Now this may come as a shocker, but I LOVE chocolate. However, I typically like strawberry when it comes to cupcakes. However, the honey chocolate was absolutely amazing and was my favorite. I was unsure of that combo at first, but I was told it was one of their top sellers. And, I firmly believe it! That cupcake was simply amazing. Each was delicious, but to me, Chocolate is the winner.

Sugar Bakeshop is a must stop while in Charleston. The story of Sugar Bakeshop is just as adorable as its name and store front. The owners, once architects, decided to become bakers. Moving from New York to South Carolina, they had the desire to create a neighborhood bakery. One of which makes goodies just like grandma used to make! They indeed did just that. Whatever you do, don’t miss Sugar Bakeshop on your next visit to Charleston. You won’t regret it!

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Laura leigh

Gah I want one of these right now!! They all look so amazing

xo Laura Leigh