The Exquisite Zemi Beach House Resort and Spa

Zemi Beach HouseZemi Beach HouseZemi Beach HouseZemi Beach HouseZemi Beach HouseZemi Beach House Zemi Beach House in Anguilla, was this year’s vacation destination for my husband and I. Through the years, we have managed to journey to many of the Caribbean islands via cruise ships. More recently, we have chosen to select a resort and experience the island.

This resort is simply impeccable. Let me start by saying, I am very particular with selecting vacation destinations. My husband puts it nicely when he says, I have “high standards.” I look for the complete package from the room, including the bathroom, location, dining options and customer service. Zemi Beach House did not disappoint, and in fact, exceeded my expectations.

Zemi Beach House Resort and Spa is located on Shoal Bay, which is rated one of top beaches in the world, by travel us news. Funny enough, at the time I booked our vacation, I was not aware of that recognition. It was clearly obvious once we stepped onto the beach! The pristine beach and gorgeous, aqua water was simply breathtaking.

Even though the beach speaks for itself, Zemi Beach House spared no expense at creating the most serene, tropical atmosphere. We often spent our mornings on the beach, while relaxing in the pools in the afternoon. Regardless of where we were, relaxing was never an issue!

Zemi’s interior decor also blew my mind. From the spa like bathrooms, including a spacious glass shower and a deep soaking tub, to the contemporary Caribbean decor of the bedroom. We were fortunate to have a view of the resort and the ocean. Honestly, there isn’t a bad view on the property!

Cleanliness is also a must for me and let’s just say they earned an A+. The beds were extremely comfortable as well. We never had a problem falling asleep or sleeping in for that matter!

Customer service at Zemi Beach House, is at the top of any we’ve ever experienced. Keeping in mind that this resort just opened this year, the staff is working extremely hard to create a reputable name for themselves. They indeed did just that. Lisa is the head of concierge and made certain to check in with us daily. Not only that, she went out of her way to make reservations for us at restaurants around the island. She even arranged our taxi with a gentleman named Teddy. He was so wonderful that we used him consistently throughout the week!

In terms of dining, we chose to only eat once for breakfast, lunch, dinner and room-service. We selected to truly experience the taste of the island, due to the overwhelming options in comparison to most islands. My recommendation for you is to do the same!

The Zemi Thai House Spa is also a must when visiting this resort. My standards are extremely high when it comes to spa selections. I have been to many in the US, as well as on cruise lines. The experience of the staff, design, products used, as well as amenities available during treatments, are essential qualities of a top rated spa. Again, my expectations were surpassed. You can certainly see and feel the Thai infusion throughout the spa. For someone like myself who has never been to Thailand, I really appreciated that touch. The treatment rooms were almost nestled in the trees, which gave such a unique feeling. This spa is currently nominated as one of the best new resort spas of 2016!

Overall, Zemi Beach House is an alluring and dazzling resort, sure to give a long lasting impression. The only challenge is finding a resort that measures up to Zemi. Maybe it’s simply a returning destination!

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