Lewis Barbecue

Lewis Barbecue
It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is this week! I feel like the time is literally flying by lately. However, I am so excited that in just a matter of days, I will be feasting on my nana’s delicious turkey and dressing. There is just something so special about her Thanksgiving meal. It fills my tummy and warms my heart!

Speaking of food, I want to tell ya’ll about Lewis Barbecue in Charleston, SC. A few posts back, I mentioned how Shay and I used to live in Charleston. Visiting there from time to time, is just part of what we do. It’s simply our home away from home and always will be. Making a point to hit up new locations, took us to Charleston for this recent visit. Lewis Barbecue just happened to be one of those places on this trip.

For starters, let me first swing back to my nana for a moment. When it comes to barbecue, I am extremely partial. Why you may ask? Well, my grandfather owns his own smoker and makes his own barbecue. Not to mention, my nana, who is an insanely amazing cook, makes the barbecue sauce. So, with that being said, it is definitely challenging to find barbecue that I like. Much less, finding barbecue that measures up.
Lewis BarbecueLewis BarbecueLewis BarbecueLewis BarbecueLewis BarbecueLewis Barbecue
Lewis BarbecueLewis BarbecueLewis Barbecue

Well friends, brace yourselves…Lewis Barbecue met the challenge. It is seriously outstanding. They literally smoke their barbecue on sight, which I think is very important. In my opinion, the meat is the most fresh and flavorful when cooked on location. Truly, I was blown away. There sauce is delicious as well, but honestly you could go without it. Most noteworthy is absolutely the pulled pork sandwich. Shay and I opted for pulled pork sandwiches, with a side of slaw and beans. The flavor is certainly mouth watering. The selections consists of everything from pulled pork, turkey breast, ribs to beef brisket. The brisket looked amazing. I am certain to try that on our next visit!

The rustic decor with a modern twist is simply adorable. There is plenty of seating available both inside and outside. There are larger tables as well to accommodate larger parties.

My overall rating of Lewis Barbecue is and A+. I would definitely make a trip down to Charleston, just to eat there again! Add this to you list on your next visit. You will be glad you did!

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